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Bee On Duty is a tax consultancy and financial administration company. Our clientele consists primarily of small to medium sized businesses and individuals who require tax affairs and services beyond traditional accounting. Our mission is to provide outstanding service and value for accounting, tax and administration requirements.
Bee On Duty was founded by a certified tax consultant, who is a member of the Register of Tax advisors.
Did you also receive a blue envelop from the Dutch tax authorities?
We prepare your tax return, annual accounts and give advice.
We offer you:
  • Handle all of your tax affairs;
  • Prepare tax return: Income tax, VAT, Corporation tax;
  • Set up a proper financial administration;
  • Financial administration service;
  • Accounting and financial reporting, annual raport;
  • Payroll administration;
  • Tax advise;
  • Guiding of starting entrepreneurs;
  • Acting as an authorized representative for foreign entrepreneurs..
Bee On Duty works for small to medium sized businesses (sole proprietorship, partnership, freelancer) and private company (Ltd.) from various sectors: services, health and welfare, advertising and communication, art and culture, such as:
IT professional, system administrator, programmer, consultant, architect, lawyer, caterer, agent, contractor, painter, shop, dentist, physiotherapist, dietician, booth attendant, nurse, counselor, coach, fitness trainer, yoga instructor, vet, advertiser, web designer, publisher, writer, journalist, translator, photographer, fashion model, program developer, graphic designer, musician, artist, dJ, composer, music teacher, author, painter, artist, gallery owner, dance teacher, actor, filmmaker.
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