The first exploratory conversation is free and confidential.
We will make a fixed price agreement to avoid an unexpected high bills.
We will send you a Checklist and Confirmation.
You will send us back the signed Confirmation and fully completed Checklist.t.
We will make an account for you in Basecone. You will receive the login, office code and you will create your own password.
Providing documents and invoices to Basecone is easy:
  1. E-mail – to send an e-mail to a unique e-mail address (every company has it’s own unique e-mail address). ;
  2. iPhone or Android – by using the app for iPhone or Android;
  3. Upload via website with your login and password.
We make the connection between Twinfield and your business bank account, so your electronic bank statements can be imported into Twinfield.
You are responsible for the accurate, timely and complete delivery of your administrative records.
Further processing depends on your choice.

Our customers enjoy several benefits:

priority subscription
discount for bringing an acquaintance, friend, family member